Jus'rite Herbal Resin Extraction Bags

"The Highest Quality Ice Water Extractor's in the World"


Jus'rite herbal resin extraction bags / bubble hash bags


 HIGH SPEED "JUS'RITE RESIN EXTRACTION BAGS" .  We are MADE IN THE USA!!  These work faster than the fancy brand names!! No more holding bags in the air for hours!! canvas sided bags are slow and lots of work! My all mesh bags drain incredibly fast!! last as long as any other brand, if not longer, and are much less work!!! 4 bag set -5 gallon size: 35-55-100-200microns + instructions included for 1 bucket system and instructions for high production multi-bucket system. *Do not be fooled, i have used the others and nothing works better than my all mesh bags!! why pay for canvas sides they don't filter anything! the more filter surface the faster the drain time!! locally these are used to make "santa cruz mountian nectar the finest bubble on earth".* Great for making: herbal plant extractions-oils-tinctures-beer-soaps-fo od products +1000's of other uses! We do local delivery or pick up in santa cruz county **831-818-7782 +We ship any where!+ "HIGH QUALITY-LOW COST" -SUPER STRONG MATERIALS AND SEAMS-We only use true micron rated virgin nylon food grade material! We are proud to say we have never had an un-satisfied customer! - your success is our goal!! SUPER FAST SHIPPING TO ALL LOCATIONS !!(even hawaii or out of country) SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! " WE ARE THE WORLD'S FIRST AND ORIGINAL "ALL MESH STRAINER BAGS" WE HAVE BEEN  " TURNING YOUR TRASH INTO TREASURE" in the sf bay area/northern  California and around the world SINCE 2OO3 , time tested and proven to last !

Approved and used by the SCM (Santa Cruz Mountain growers co-op).

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