Jus'rite Herbal Resin Extraction Bags

"The Highest Quality Ice Water Extractor's in the World"


Hey happy bubbler's! like our bags and other products? leave us a little comment on how our bags work for you , you can even submit your personal methods of extraction as well as photos .

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Quotes i have personally used these bags for almost 16months and they are still working as good as the day i bought them,before i went through 2 sets of brand name bags in just 12months, but now jus'rite are working better than jus'rite!! Quotes
jollimon- aptos,california
the best bags ive ever used barnone!

Quotes I am new to bubble, but I am quite happy with jus'rite results. Giv'm a try. ;) Quotes
drew-santa cruz,ca

Quotes I've used these bags for 2 years now and am very happy with them. They are easy to use, drain fast. I put all my material in a 5 gal bucket first with with no bags then mix the crap out of it with the ice and a paint mixer, this gets the work done fast. Then I pour it into the stacked bags and do a gentle mix. I find the 35 for the best grade, 55 for a good midgrade, and 100 micron bags get the celluose out and give me a great product an if I want more I siphon the water thats left over and recover the smallest particles. Jus'rite bags are the BEST!!! Quotes
dennis- santa cruz
satisfied customer

Quotes these are the best, and I can't stress it enough!!! I will never go back to b*bble bags brand, and I'm going to recommend these to everyone I know!! We went from pulling 1.5% off the 1 gallon bubble bags too 11.8% with yours and the quality is much better and it took a fraction of the time. Granted we did get a better paint mixer, but it probably didn't make nearly as much of a difference as your bags. I will be in touch and can't wait to try your other fine products. Keep up the good work!!!! :) Thanks alot, Zach & Wes oakland ,ca Quotes
zach & wes ,oakland ,ca