Jus'rite Herbal Resin Extraction Bags

"The Highest Quality Ice Water Extractor's in the World"


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Quotes Easiest job EVER! Most bags take forever to drain and kill my back. Not any more! Quotes
Collective Owner

Quotes Thanks for the insight. It brings light into the dark! Quotes

Quotes Kudos to you! I hadn't thouhgt of that! Quotes

Quotes Gee whiz, and I tuohhgt this would be hard to find out. Quotes

Quotes This is the second time I've bought these bags. This time even though busy with family he came out to meet me. Bags are great and service is better. To come out and meet me earlier in the day, so I could get started.... that's just a class act. Quotes
Happy Customer420

Quotes Touchdown! That's a really cool way of putting it! Quotes
"satisfied customer"

Quotes I bought my 1st set of JRB's in 2008 - they worked excellent and where very durable. I got 3 years of runs through that set, and still no tears! Quotes
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Quotes It simply friggin works, excellent results for first timer. Used my trim that was cured over the last year. I put everything in from about the last 25 strains. Outstanding taste as I share with family/friends. Cheers! Phill san jose, california Quotes
10 week phill
happy customer

Quotes I've tried a few different brands of extractor bags, and was sold from the time I tried them out. Bought my set within a week. Thanks Man. Quotes
George-Santa Cruz
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Quotes Proud to endorse such a quality product! These bags kick &$%!!!! I've tried 'em all and the attention to detail and level of service is what sold me... Quotes
The Bean-fresno the armpit of cali