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Our goals and  a few reasons why we are here

 This site is for entertainment purposes and the sales of Jus'rite products and was created for you the beginer to master bubbler's to share your thoughts and technical skills in herbal extraction, and to offer  low cost - high quality alternatives to big brand names.

One of our  hopes is to finding alternative healing sources away from the USA’s western medicine  they are offering us at the present time. It is our belief that our healing is our responsibility not anyone else. It’s through our belief in the nutritional sources such as the FDA that we are in the health calamity we are in.   It is the past where we are finding the healing we need. Holistic healing, foods, therapies and over living are our friends and not outdated. It is this outdated thoughts that has hurt all of us. It is the updating on medicines that has us in a chain reaction to failure. Why not look out of the box with us and explore this. It may save your life and the lives of loved ones. of course we are also here to have fun and share knowledge with our community.     

We welcome any information and or ideas in this direction of future healing properties of natural herbal remedies.

 We also have  a store page for our products ,the sales from this helps keep this site running and food on our tables.

Now lets all have some fun bubblin' !!

Harry Trichome and the team at Jus'rite

"If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."

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